[nos-bbs] mailbox.usr and mailbox.inf file

Michael E Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Fri Oct 24 14:27:39 EDT 2014

Thanks Bob.


I'm seeing something weird.


In mailbox.usr, an individual has a last read number of 29335.  But the
three messages in that mailbox.txt file are numbered 28560, 6039, and 14880,
respectively.  So apparently, the numbers used in .txt roll over at some
point but the last read number recorded in .usr doesn't.  So this user gets
"0 new" messages when he logs in, but, in fact, he is certain he hasn't read
at least the last one.  Unless the numbers in .usr are updated when the
message numbers roll over, it seems the algorithm is doomed to never work


Very strange.  Does anyone know how this process is supposed to work?





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>1)  The mailbox.usr file holds a call sign and a number on each row.  What
does the number represent?

part of the message id of last message read

ve3tok 208448

Received: from port.ve3mch.ampr.org by port.ve3mch.ampr.org (JNOS2.0j.X)
with SMTP
    id AA208448 ; Wed, 22 Oct 2014 14:27:07 +0000



On 14-10-22 10:30 AM, Michael E Fox - N6MEF wrote:

For a given JNOS mailbox, there are several files:

-- mailbox.txt holds the actual messages in mbox format

-- mailbox.ind holds the index

-- mailbox.inf - don't know

-- mailbox.usr holds which users have read up to which message


Two questions:


1)  The mailbox.usr file holds a call sign and a number on each row.  What
does the number represent?

For example, if the line contains "n6mef 0", what does that mean? And how is
that different from not listing the call sign at all?

As another example, if the line contains "n6mef 1000", what does that mean
and how does that relate to the Message-Id: header in the messages stored in


2)  What is the purpose of the mailbox.inf file?









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