[nos-bbs] Single log or a daily log in the logs directory - Recap + Macro so that you can choose

Boudewijn (Bob) Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 23:58:21 EDT 2014

This is a recap of the changes needed to main.c for a single log in the 
logs directory but I changed it to
a macro so that you can choose between a single jnos log or a daily log 
(old behaviour) in the "logs" directory
by setting define/undef SINGLE_JNOS_LOG in config.h



This needs the following additional line to config.h:

#define SINGLE_JNOS_LOG /* (New) Single log in directory "logs", leave 
undefined for old behaviour (Daily log) */

The following two changes are needed to the original main.c


Look for the line....

sprintf (ML, "%s/%2.2s%3.3s%2.2s", LogsDir, cp + 8, cp + 4, cp + 22);

- This is around line 1101 in function nos_log() -

Change that line to:

#ifdef SINGLE_JNOS_LOG /* 1Oct2014, Boudewijn (Bob) VE3TOK, Added macro 
for single or daily log */

         sprintf(ML, "%s/%s", LogsDir, "nos.log");
         sprintf (ML, "%s/%2.2s%3.3s%2.2s", LogsDir, cp + 8, cp + 4, cp 
+ 22);       /* Old behaviour, daily jnos log */


The resulting single log contains a time stamp what is a little bit 
nasty because you don't have a point of reference
anymore in the log name. A date will be added to the time stamp if a 
single log is chosen.
(Same date/time stamp format as in spool/mail.log)

Look for the following line in main.c...
fprintf (fp, "%9.9s", cp + 11);

This is around line 1112  in function nos_log(), just above "return fp"  
in the same nos_log() function.

Change it to:

#ifdef SINGLE_JNOS_LOG                          /* 1Oct2014, Boudewijn 
(Bob) VE3TOK change time stamp to a date + time stamp when we use a 
single log */

         fprintf (fp, "%.24s ", cp);
         fprintf (fp, "%9.9s", cp + 11);            /* Old behaviour, 
time stamp only in a daily log */




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