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BTW, you mentioned the ISS.  I talked to a friend who is familiar with packet operations on the ISS.  He said it is mostly done with APRS messages.  Short and sweet since there’s not a lot of time during a pass.  He said the ISS also has a BBS, but there’s only about 10 minutes to interact, the link is iffy, and if others are trying to use APRS, then BBS messages are discouraged.


He suggested UISS.  Google produced this link:  http://users.belgacom.net/hamradio/uiss.htm


He says it’s got everything you need.  I’ve never used it.  But I looked at the website briefly and it looks like it calculates the passes and everything.  Cool.






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Thanks for the reply Michael,

It`s mostly a replacement for Winpack.

I will look at the installation sometime next week after Field Day :-)

I have used Outpost before, it is a option.



ve2uqh.ampr.org <http://ve2uqh.ampr.org> 





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What are you looking to do?  Provide a user interface or create a BBS?

If you’re looking for a client application to provide an easy to use interface for users, have you tried Outpost?  It presents a basic, e-mail like interface to the user (In Tray, Out Tray, Send/Receive button, etc.)  The user creates a message, then uses Send/Receive.  Outpost automatically detects the type of BBS it is connecting to (JNOS, Kantronics TNC, etc.) and uses the right commands to send/receive messages, check for bulletins, etc.  It has lots of options for configuring it to behave just the way you want.  










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I have been asked by the Maurice-Andre VE3VIG responsible for the Radio
Amateur station VE3JW at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa
to help with install packet radio software.
They have recently upgraded to W7 and W8.
They were using winpack on XP before but with Windows 7 and 8 it doesn't
They use packet to communicate with the ISS and local packet radio demo.
Any suggestions ?
Is jnos a option. They have Ubuntu on one machine.

sysop ve2uqh.ampr.org <http://ve2uqh.ampr.org> 

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