[nos-bbs] The State of Pi

Jerome Schatten romers at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 5 19:32:24 EST 2014

Chris... I compiled Jnos for the pi and had to add several libraries to 
clear the compile errors:

apt-get install libncurses5; libncurses5-dev; libncursesw5; and 
libncursesw5-dev .
I'm not sure all of them were necessary, but I added 'em all. and the 
error went away. I think later versions of the OS have libncurses5 and 5w

Running jnos2j fine for over a year and a half with 5 axip/udp links and 
a 2m radio drop. Jnos is on an 8Gig USB drive and the OS on the SD 
card.  Works slick!

Good luck!
Jerome - ve7ass

On 14-01-04 12:40 PM, Chris Maness wrote:
> I am about to move my BBS into the garage, and in so doing, I plan on
> migrating to a Raspberry Pi.  It is looking like Raspberian is the
> best supported base out there doing a little research.  Has anyone got
> JNOS to compile and run well on Raspberian?
> Thanks,
> Chris KQ6UP
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