[nos-bbs] including original message in replies, comment text in forwards

Brian n1uro at n1uro.ampr.org
Tue Dec 16 20:15:57 EST 2014

On Tue, 2014-12-16 at 16:33 -0800, Michael E Fox - N6MEF wrote:

> My original question was about the mbox command line because I’m
> working in scenarios where the LAN/Internet doesn’t exist (i.e.
> because it is down, such as in EmComm, or because it doesn’t exist,
> such as at a remote checkpoint of a bicycle race).  So the end-user
> has a computer, a VHF/UHF radio, and a 1200/9600 baud TNC.  We usually
> use Outpost in that situation because it presents an interface like an
> email client to the user, but behaves like a user typing on the mbox
> command line to the BBS.  Outpost does include the original message.
> But I was hoping for a way to do it directly from the command line,
> too.  From your original response, I thought perhaps you had some
> nifty way to use pop3 in that remote scenario.

There is! You just can not do it from a mailbox prompt.

If Microsoft intended Windows to be for ham usage,
they would have incorporated our protocols into their kernel.

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