[nos-bbs] jnos snmpd dying ...

Gustavo Ponza g.ponza at tin.it
Wed Sep 18 13:06:25 EDT 2013

The snmp process is OK also on JNOS-2.0j.4... just found here
that the monitored interface were not the wanted 'tun0' but
another (also very active)... now may be that by adding or
subtracting JNOS interfaces you may fall out range... so, may
be, to just reset the *number* and the *interface* data :)


Maiko Langelaar wrote:
> Anyone else noticing the JNOS 2.0 snmpd process suddenly
> not responding to client requests ? Mine started doing this
> lately. It will run for a while, then disappears.
> I'm not sure why, but I'm investigating.
> Maiko
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