[nos-bbs] JNOS 2.0j4 and mbox fbb

Michael E. Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Sun Oct 6 19:00:06 EDT 2013

I'm confused regarding the recent addition of B1F in JNOS 2.0j4 and the use
of the mbox fbb command.  


I tried running the new 2.0j4 code, along with mbox fbb 2 when forwarding to
an FBB machine.  

I got "FBB error, last read : FB B ." in my jnos/logs/<date> log.  

Then I tried mbox fbb 1 and got an immediate "fwd exit" after "forwarding
mail" instead of the usual slight delay.

Without a human-readable trace (like the examples on
www.f6fbb.org/protocole.html) it's tough to tell what's going on.


I've read the online help and the manual.  

I also read www.f6bbb.org/protocole.html. 

I also read  http://www.langelaar.net/projects/jnos2/documents/changes.txt

But each describes a function in isolation and none of them seems to match
up or explain how each part relates to the other.  For example, what the FBB
site defines as protocol version 0 and 1 doesn't match the descriptions of
mbox fbb 0, 1 or 2.  And there appears to be no documentation describing how
"mbox fbb" relates to B1F, B2F or the use of the "!" in the forward.bbs
file.  And "mbox nob2f" isn't documented in the "help mbox" command or the


Can someone either point me to documentation or else explain how these
things interrelate?  Specifically:


1)  Use of "#define B2F" in the config.h file.  Is the following correct?
If not, please correct.

                Only use "#define B2F" in the config.h file if you intend to
connect to Winlink.  Else, undefined it.

IF [ "#define B2F" is in the config.h file ] 

THEN JNOS will include B2F in the SID and nothing else changes that (like
mbox fbb).

ELSE JNOS will include BF in the SID

Under no circumstances will JNOS include B1F in the SID.


2)  Use of mbox nob2f command.  Is the following correct?  If not, please

IF [ "#define B2F" is in the config.h file ] and [ JNOS version < jnos2.0j4

THEN "mbox nob2f <callsign>" should be used for any FBB forwarding partners.

ELSE "mbox nob2f" has no use.


3)  How does "mbox fbb #" relate to any of the above?  Under what conditions
should I use 0, 1 or 2?


4)  How does "!" in the forward.bbs file relate to any of the above?  When
should I use it?  Not use it?








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