[nos-bbs] JNOS, 128 character line limit

J Oberhofer obermail at att.net
Sun Nov 17 23:25:15 EST 2013

Hello nos-list,
I am the author of Outpost <http://www.outpostpm.org/> , and want to ask about the JNOS 128 character line limitation.  

Outpost can bundle up entire paragraphs and send it off the BBS in one burst.  JNOS apparently breaks a line (usually in mid-word)
if its' line length is greater than 128 characters.  I know that telnet has this limitation and am wondering if this is an artifact
of those days.  Essentially, is this "feature" still required?  If not, I recommend removing this limitation.  Or, is there an
option to turn this off?

jim   kn6pe
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