[nos-bbs] Doubt pack about starting my new jnos node

Miguel Bahi Cruz miguelbahi_cruz at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 2 14:15:00 EST 2013

I Continue solving the issues of my first post, 
Bob, I have ok and running the http web server built in jnos, recompiling the sources, with the #define added.
And I have linked ok the bpq node and Jnos in the two sides OK. thanls
but : 
-In the converse server : It is linked to the rest of the wwconv net ok .
I created the channel 133 Elche_ES,  but is only local. I want create as a global channel ( it not appear in the list of channel, when I connect in other node for see the channel list). How I can make this? 

I try to access to my own node trhu other node in the ampr.org
If I make a ping to eb5jeq.ampr.org. it works okIf I try access to telnet to my node, it works okBut, if I try access to ftp  eb5jeq.ampr.org:23 or ftp://eb5jeq.ampr.org , it fails.( I must define ftp.eb5jeq.ampr.org? , I suppose that I can make a input in my domain.txt file? )If I try access with my web browser to eb5jeq.ampr.org:80 or :10000 ( node web access ), or www.eb5jeq.ampr.org ( I must define www.eb5jeq.ampr.org? , I suppose that I can make a input in my domain.txt file? )If I access to ftp or web ( 80 or 10000 ) thru linux side of my jnos box ( local lan ips, ) it works ok, but not from 44.x
I am not direct conected to internet, I am connected tru ax udp tunnel to GB7CIP, Do must GB7CIP, add this domain register fields, in his domain.txt file?
Other thing I want configure is send and receive the forwarding of bbs.I know that I must configure the forward.bbs, file, but I don't know how make with this, and what things I must request to GB7CIP for they send me the forwarding.
------------------------------------------------------Miguel Bahi Cruz
EB5JEQ Amateur Radio Station www.eb5jeq.esECB03KBQ "galaxia5" CB RADIO STATION Elche Alicante Spain
email y skype : miguelbahi_cruz at hotmail.com
Sysop of EB5JEQ-1:BPQELX AX25 Node BPQnet BPQ32 144.825MHZ EB5JEQ-6:ELXMPR TCPIP Node Ampr.org Net JNOS, 144.825MHZ ( in test )QRUEB5JEQ Aprs QRUserver ( APRSIS32 )EB5JEQ-24/ELXNOD24 node HSMM-mesh 2,4 ghz in test

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