[nos-bbs] multiple attach axudp

Michael Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
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O.K.  Can/should the ip address on my end be the same, too?

For example, consider a system as follows:

AMPRnet address

There are three axudp interfaces (amongst others).  
The first interface connects to AA1BBS-1 at IP address
The second interface connects to AA2BBS-2 at IP address
The third interface connects to AA3BBS-3 at IP address

I want to use UDP port 10093.  So does AA1BBS and AA2BBS.  AA3BBS wants to
use UDP port 12345.

Would this configuration be correct?  If not, will you please correct it?

ip address

attach axudp pAA1BBS 256  aa1bba-1  10093  10093
ifconfig pAA1BBS ipaddress

attach axudp pAA2BBS 256  aa2bbs-2  10093  10093
ifconfig pAA2BBS ipaddress

attach axudp pAA3BBS 256  aa3bbs-3  10093  12345
ifconfig pAA3BBS ipaddress


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> If I intend to have multiple axudp interfaces (one to each forwarding 
> partner), then does each one need to use a different UDP port ?


> If the answer is ?no, they can all use the same UDP port?, then can 
> you explain how that works?

Each *interface* has a different source ip address, so when JNOS get's a a
possible axudp/axip packet, it loops through it's list of interfaces to see
which one matches the source ip address.


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