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Michael Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
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O.K.  Thanks.

(The email list system must be putting in the "?" characters).

I did read Appendix C.

1)  As I mentioned in my email, it lists the comment character indented
under the Connection Commands section, implying that it is for that section
of the file only.  O.K.  so now I know it applies to the whole file.

2)  It gives a couple of examples for an ax.25 connection, but doesn't
specify a format.  Examples don't help much if I don't know what format they
are examples of, or if I don't know the network topology to which the
example applies.  So again, is the format simply what I would put in a
"connect" command?  In other words, for ax25, is it:  
	ax25 <iface> <destination> [<digi1, digi2, ..., digi3>] ?  If not,
what is the format?

And for netrom, is it whatever I would put in a "netrom connect" command?


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I see a bunch of ? characters in your email not sure if that's intentional.

> 1) Is there a comment line indicator such as ?#?or something else?

Just use '#' at the start of each line you want to comment

> For example, for connection type ax25 ? ...

See APPENDIX C in the user manual, it's spelled out there :



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