[nos-bbs] forward.bbs file

Michael Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Thu Oct 11 13:24:02 EDT 2012

Some questions about the forward.bbs file:


1)  Is there a comment line indicator such as "#"or something else?  I'd
like to add contact info for each BBS sysop in the file.

(Note:  the manual does mention using "#" for comment text, but it's in the
connection commands section, implying that it doesn't apply to anywhere else
in the file.)

If so, does it apply only to complete lines (first character of the line)?
Or can it also appear to the right of real data in the file (to clarify an
individual line)?


2)  Can someone provide more detail on the format of the "connection route"

For example, for connection type ax25 - would the remainder of the line
simply be what you would normally type after "connect" in a manual

For connection type netrom - would the remainder of the line be what you
would normally type after "netrom connect"


Thanks much,




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