[nos-bbs] x.ampr.org DNS / IP system maintenance?

Joe Erlewein N8OUZ joe at n8ouz.org
Mon Oct 1 11:35:35 EDT 2012


I've been mailing contacts now for about a year and a half attempting to 
get some new JNOS systems online that have been on the air for some time.

I've emailed my district person, his supervisor, and some others.

I've talked to several other area hams, some say they've been waiting 
three years to get an IP and DNS name either allocated or updated.

Is this no longer being done? or is there system maintenance that is 
preventing this work?

Just wondering, I have several area hams that keep asking me if my 
changes have gone through, pretty much on a monthly basis.
I continue to receive nothing...

Does anyone know where I might re-start and re-focus my efforts?




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