[nos-bbs] JNOS Hang

Jack Eifer jeifer at cwo.com
Mon Mar 26 21:48:21 EDT 2012

Chris Maness wrote:
> WP version of JNOS hung today.  I had to do a killall -9 JNOS.  It was
> not responding to HUP (killall without the 9 flag).
> @Maiko, is there a DEBUG howtoo?  It has been a VERY long time since I
> have analyzed core dumps.  How can I help you debug this?
> 73's de KQ6UP
> Chris Maness
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 From Maiko's compile instructions. This should help.

  If you ARE interested in helping me fix bugs, then I encourage you to
    run the GDB debugger that comes with most linux distros, AND make sure
    you do NOT strip the 'jnos' binary, since it contains important info for
    the debugger to use when a crash occurs.

    Using GDB is easy. With JNOS running already, find out it's pid, using
    the linux command, 'ps -ef | grep jnos'. Once you know what the pid is,
    then run the gdb debugger something like this :

     gdb -p pid

    GDB will load, JNOS will hang temporarily, and GDB will suddenly give
    you a prompt. Enter the command, 'continue', at the prompt, and JNOS
    will continue to run again.

    When a crash occurs, GDB will break out to the prompt again, and JNOS
    will hang. Take a screen shot of what GDB printed out, then type in
    the command, 'back full', at the GDB prompt, and note the info that
    appears. Please send all of that information to me, with a brief
    explanation of what might have been going on at the time.

    If you have JNOS logging in effect, please send me the log file at
    the time of the crash if you don't mind. Logs are under /jnos/logs/
    directory (by default).

JNOS 2.0i released - 23Nov2010

73, Jack AA6HF

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