[nos-bbs] Problem attaching tun device

Jose Ng Lee hp2cwb at cwpanama.net
Thu Mar 1 15:10:20 EST 2012


I am using Ubuntu 11.10 and used the sample autoexec.nos provided by Maiko. 
The jnos run OK with no errors.

But, I couldn't get the linux box to telnet to Jnos.  When I do telnet from 
the Linux side it gets the Linux prompt.  When, I telnet from outside via 
internet to the Jnos IP it get me the Linux prompt.

>From the Jnos I couldn't telnet to the Linux side.  It gets "Resolving Trying" and no connection.

I am using fix IP address:


On Network Intefaces:  eth0 = and eth0:1 =

I enabled ip_forward=1.

Anyone have an idea what I have wrong?

Jose / HP2AT

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> Michael,
> I didn't get your callsign, anyways just try out the attached
> autoexec.nos (basic JNOS to linux connectivity with telnet).
> Replace MMMMMM with your callsign. This is a very simple config
> that works very well on any slackware and redhat based systems.
> You have to make sure ip forwarding is enabled :
>    echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
> It simply has to work, once you see how it does, then you
> can go further with it. There are no ARPs or no IPTABLES or
> anything else needed for this basic setup. Try it out.
> Maiko


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