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George [ham] VerDuin k8rra at ameritech.net
Tue May 10 20:48:48 EDT 2011

Hi Russ

On 05/09/2011 11:24 PM, Russ WL7LP wrote:
> why do messages get locked?
A partial answer to your question is that any mail message that SMTP 
picks to transmit is locked to prevent other instances of SMTP from 
picking them up for transmittal.  If you permit 3 simultaneous clients, 
then three [or more if you also permit batching] will show up as locked.

> how do you unlocked them?
It could be a bad thing to do if SMTP is still incomplete.  If all is 
well SMTP termination will either delete the message when successful or 
unlock the message if not fully successful.  If all is not well, then 
Chris gave you a workaround.

Perhaps the most unsettling thing about watching locked messages is this:
Say you have 6 messages in queue to go out.
Say you enable 3 clients.
Then the top three messages will lock up normally.
Now say the path to all three destinations is broken.
It can take quite a while for SMTP to give up trying and you need to 
wait patiently.

Lastly say the other three messages would have open paths to destination.
When the first three become unlocked they will be chosen again on the 
next cycle for SMTP.
If the path remains broken, the second group of three good messages 
don't get chosen and wait and wait and wait.

Manual locking [LH & RH ?] can be a workaround, but there is no 
automatic solution at the moment.

> 73 Russ WL7LP
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