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Michael Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
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Hi Harry,


Fish, K6FSH was the originator of that code, so perhaps Fish or Maiko may
comment here on the code details.


I can comment on the configuration side.  The way it works is it looks for a
file called "TacCalls" in the JNOS directory.  If the login is found in the
TacCalls file, then the person is logged in.  If the login is not found in
the TacCalls file, then the usual call sign validity check is run.  The
formatting rules for the TacCalls file are:


1)  The file is a plain text file

2)  Lines beginning with "#" are ignored (comments)

3)  Blank lines are ignored

4)  Valid tactical calls are listed one per line, beginning in the first

5)  White space followed by anything else on the line after each tactical
call is ignored.


So our typical TacCalls file looks like:


# comment

# comment


# Tactical Calls for Division ABC


abc123                  Division abc, site 123

abc456                  Division abc, site 456



# Tactical Calls for Division 123


123ppp                 Division 123, site ppp




In our county network, we allow each agency to submit a list of tactical
calls.  We concatenate them together to form the TacCalls file.  Here's a
link to the instructions we provide our folks.  Hope it helps:
Note that we require a description next to teach tactical call.  But that is
an administrative requirement.  It is not required by the code.


A note on performance:  Our tactical call list current 678 lines long, yet
we perceive no difference in login speed with or without the tactical call







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I see in the config header that tactical call checks can be defined, but
defining that and re-compiling seems to disable any kind of call sign
validity check.  Is that by design, or am I just missing something else I
need to enable or disable? 


The calls I need to be able to accept for login follow this rather loose











Have old memories and young hopes.

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