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Russ WL7LP wl7lp at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 25 23:13:24 EDT 2011

ok I am home now...in my linksys e3000 router under DMZ  I see source ip adress and Destination: ip address. where does the jnos "that computer" need to be? source or destination?

source is either any ip address or option 2 ip address from to .0

73 Russ WL7LP

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Subject: Re: [nos-bbs] gateway
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Date: Friday, March 25, 2011, 1:17 PM

You should DMZ the jnos side of the lan.  
In other words if tun0 is set with on the linux side and on the jnos side of tun0 the you should DMZ
Also make sure the router's range includes the addresses you are using on there.
Hope that helps..

73, Don - ve3zda 

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