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ve1bf arto at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Mar 24 19:45:00 EDT 2011

Russ have you altered you sysctl.conf file
you have to tell it to allow the packets ...I am running
ubuntu and that file is found under the etc here ...not sure
on your redhat...if you drop me an email at 
arto at ns.sympatico.ca  I will send you what I have for 
mine...73...Art ve1fyi
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        ok I finally got a new Linux system up (Slackware 9.1)  I finally got a jnos compile. wow it is huge lol anyhow. I believe I now have Tun working in it. I can ping my internet provider. but can seem to ping anything else or connect to anything for that matter. so I am still working on it and with luck will have my gateway back up soon. just want to let those know that are waiting and had or want a route with me. bare with me  I am getting there slowly :-)

        73 Russ WL7LP 


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