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Wm Lewis thunderft at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 20 21:59:45 EDT 2011

Russ. Did you try any of the generic compiled ones on Maikos website?

Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2011 13:49:38 -0700
From: wl7lp at yahoo.com
To: nos-bbs at tapr.org
Subject: [nos-bbs] nos

well I been trying all weekend to get a jnos2 compile and just not having any luck.
keeps complaining about a file if_tun.h did a search on my system and it's nowhere to be found. maybe cause I run an old linux system redhat 6.0.  

I am wondering if somebody out there could compile a jnos2 with tun define. I would sure appreciate it.

73 Russ WL7LP

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