[nos-bbs] smtp gateway command

Bob Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 00:33:10 EDT 2011

It is annoying and that is also how I filter outgoing port 25, only my 
smtp gateway can be reached
from jnos.

For me the choice is simple: if smtp gateway defined, direct off. ( 
maybe with a switch for the old behaviour )


On 11-03-15 11:16 PM, Michael Fox - N6MEF wrote:
> It does indeed take quite a bit of time for JNOS to timeout trying to 
> connect to external servers.
> If JNOS is successful reaching a "real" mail server, it typically gets 
> a reject for doing something wrong.  This causes JNOS to send the 
> message back to the sender of the message informing of the reject.
> So, to prevent that from happening, I disabled forwarding of SMTP on 
> the tunnel between JNOS and Linux.  This causes the JNOS attempts to 
> reach Internet mail servers to time out.  At that point, JNOS tries 
> the gateway.
> This timeout takes about 2 minutes.  That's kind-of annoying, 
> especially when you're trying to test a set-up or train people.
> So, it seems like an "smtp use-gateway" command which could control 
> JNOS's gateway usage would be helpful.  The options I originally 
> suggested below seem good, except I'd change "like-dns" to 
> "non-local".  For completeness, I'll rewrite it here:
> smtp use-gateway { LAST | first | always  | non-local }
> smtp use-gateway last   # the default and current behavior; tries 
> direct and, if it times out, passes to gateway
> smtp use-gateway first  # sends to the gateway first and, if that 
> fails, tries direct
> smtp use-gateway only  # sends to the gateway only; does not try to 
> send direct
> smtp use-gateway non-local  # if the host is found in domain.txt, 
> behaves like "last" (tries to connect directly; otherwise it behaves 
> like "only" (sends only to the gateway)
> Thoughts anyone?  Is this reasonable?  Do-able?
> Michael

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