[nos-bbs] route command output improvements

Michael Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Sun Mar 13 01:56:44 EST 2011

Two issues with the route command output.  This never bothered me until I
started dealing with the encaps route table (280+ routes)


1)  The route command in JNOS is piped through more.  But it won't allow me
to use the normal "more" command control keys.  For example, it doesn't
repond to "q" to quit the output.  If I type "q", it just shows me the next
page, just like I had pressed space.  So I have to keep going until I get to
the end of the table.  Same thing with "b" if I want to go back a page.  So,
if I miss something in the output, I've got to go through the entire table,
and then start again.


2)  Also, the sorting seems pretty messed up to me.  If I "route sort on",
the order of the output doesn't seem to make any logical (or at least
useful) sense.  (It doesn't make much sense if sort is off either!).   With
sort turned on, I would think it should be in increasing order, by octet.
Otherwise, I can't divine the purpose of the ordering.  For example, I would
have expected something like (overly simplified, of course):




. etc.  



Are either of these fixable?





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