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Wm Lewis thunderft at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 10 11:51:09 EST 2011

I just sent Michael a long email regarding JNOS stations trying to send email directly to commercial MTA mailservers.
I'll try to summarize here:
It's a coin toss if JNOS can successfully *send* email directly to a commercial email server. JNOS does not use industry standards for authentication when connecting to a mail server. 
JNOS still uses standards that existed way back when the internet was first getting going.
Authentication standards have changed, mainly to prevent spammers. Since the JNOS smtp server has never been upgraded to authenticate using today RFP standards, some commercial email servers will reject a JNOS connection.
Something important to know here is that not all JNOS stations *RECEIVE EMAIL DIRECTLY* !!
If your JNOS smtp server calls another JNOS station direct, and the JNOS on the other side answers, it should transfer mail fine.
However !!!!  If the JNOS station on the other side is configured to use SOMEONE else's mail server hosting services first, your JNOS is actually connecting to an MTA station and not a JNOS station. The hosting MTA server may reject your JNOS's connection for failure to authenticate with today's standards.
So, not all JNOS mail server configurations are equal !!!
Beware that using your JNOS to send email DIRECTLY to someone on commercial internet may have a high failure rate.

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Never mind.  I just tried with Maiko’s system and it works fine.  That is, I can telnet to Maiko’s machine, log in, send myself a message at my machine, and it works.  I can log into my machine, send a message to myself at Maiko’s machine, then telnet to Maiko’s machine and it’s there.  Boom.
Must be a problem on the other end for that one other station.

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But that’s not the behavior I’m seeing.  See below.  I can ping and telnet and whatever to the non-domain.txt hosts but mail doesn’t go out to them…

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If it can't find the records by whatever means, mail will be sent to the the smtp gateway.
(if defined in the autoexec.nos)


On 11-03-09 05:11 PM, Michael Fox - N6MEF wrote: 
Can someone clarify the usage of the smtp gateway command?
The documentation says:   “Any mail sent to a host not in the domain.txt file or not found via a nameserver query, will instead be sent to the gateway for forwarding (if #define’d).”
For an OR statement to be true, only one of the inputs need to be true.   So if mail is destined for a host which is NOT in domain.txt, then an smtp gateway is required, EVEN IF the host IS found via a nameserver query.  Correct?
If so, that would match the condition I’m seeing.  I don’t currently have an smtp gateway configured.  Messages to hosts in my domain.txt file go out, but messages to hosts which are not in my domain.txt file sit in the smtp queue and don’t go out, even though those hosts are listed in DNS.  
If this is all true, then it seems like the second condition is meaningless and should be removed from the text.  In other words, if the destination host is not in domain.txt then the mail will be sent to the gateway for forwarding.  If a gateway is not defined, then the messages will remain in the queue.  Am I reading this wrong?
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