[nos-bbs] TNC Kiss Malfunction

ve1bf arto at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 17 13:47:43 EST 2011

I will ask the easy question ..do you have a file
called onexit that is taking your tnc's out of kiss mode
I use only Kantronics here and no problem that way
I have two Kantronics Kams and one KPC3 
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  Ok, One poster replied batteries.
  So this morning, I verified that the 9 volt backup 'operations' battery was still very good in each tnc. (They were)
  Then, I verified that the 3 volt 'memory' battery was also very strong in each tnc. (They were also)
  Having recently replaced them , I did not suspect those, but thought it prudent to test all four anyway. All good there.
  Then, another replied possible RF getting into the tnc's.  Since before switching to JNOS I used Xrouter for many, many years without so much as a twinge, and the radios and tnc's are the same, I think it's safe to rule out RF.
  So, the only thing so far I can see that is new, is JNOS. I am still wondering how many out there have seen this?
  Also wondering of those that did see it, who was using 'what brand' tnc ?
  So far, I've seen it in two Kantronics KPC-3 tnc's. Another replied the same with 2 Kantronics KPC-9612 tnc's, and I don't remember if anyone else even stated what brand they used.
  Would be curious if it effects more than just Kantronics?


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