[nos-bbs] TNC Kiss Malfunction

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I had that problem with two KPC 9612 tncs. It seemed to be some power outages that kicked them out of KISS. The backup batteries were fine. I could not solve so I put in the autoexec.nos the following to put into KISS on restart.
comm [port name] "reset"
comm [port name] "int kiss"
comm [port name] "reset"
for the two ports.

Jerry, N0MR

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  Using JNOS version 'i' on Ubuntu 10.
  I use two different Kantronics KPC3 TNC's on two different serial ports in KISS mode.
  I keep getting intermitant (but frequent) issues where the TNC's get knocked out of KISS mode.
  It seems to be more when there has been a shutdown and restart.  I'm not sure if it occures during the shutdown, or during the re-start.
  Sometimes it only kicks one TNC, sometimes the other TNC, and on one very special time, it kicked both.
  Anyone every experience this?   If so, did you ever find a cure?


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