[nos-bbs] Newmail error - FIXED !

ve1bf arto at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 12 15:49:31 EST 2011

Hey Bill...thanks a whole lot,...I had mine in caps too
and now working just fine...73..Art
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  Ok everyone... here's one to remember if you're using linux...
  Uppercase "ABC" does not equal lowercase "abc".
  My issue was that my "AREAS" were all defined using UPPERCASE.
  JNOS writes the messages to the "areas" just fine, but writes the area file name in lowercase.
  So, it went something like this:
  ARES     (no new messages)
  ares      (3 new message)
  BBS       (no new messages)
  bbs       (5 new messages)
  DX        (no new messages)
  dx         (7 new messages)
  and so on.
  Since all my "areas" were defined uppercase, and all new messages were lowercase, JNOS reported that since Im looking for new messages in uppercase areas, there were in fact, no new messages.
  After changing all my areas to be lowecase, JNOS is now reporting "New mail in <area>" just fine.
  Maiko, if you could also update the JNOS manual to reflect the need for "areas" to be defined in lowercase, that would be great.
  Thanks for all the great ideas :)


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