[nos-bbs] don't change linux time while jnos is running

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Sun Jan 9 10:20:38 EST 2011

Morning to all,

I just thought of something I should mention based on an
experience I had several months ago. My system time was off
by over an hour, so I adjusted it using the 'date' command.

IF you change the linux time while JNOS is running, you will
hang your system, or it will go into high cpu usage, or just
behave like it's struggling with something. Even if you change
it by a few minutes, you risk JNOS becoming unusable. The only
way to restart it would be a 'pkill -9 jnos' type of thing.

Give it a try, what the heck, let me know what you find :)

At the time, I tried some quick fix ideas, but none of them
worked, it's still on my list of things to fix, but I felt people
should be aware of this. To be frank, I have not really watched
for this during the seasonal time changes, probably should now.


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