[nos-bbs] Newmail error

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Sat Jan 8 23:14:59 EST 2011


The 'New mail in: <area>' only appears if the time of the last message
read is older then the current modification time of the *.inf file of
the area in question. Do me a favour and get me the following info :

1) cd /jnos/spool/mail, then issue the command ls -ls and send me
    the whole listing (offlist please).

2) send me your 'users.dat' file from /jnos/spool directory.

3) Have you changed the system (linux) time stamp any over the last
    while, or have you adjusted the time on your linux box lately,
    or have you restored one of those files above ?

> I started noticing something odd a week ago and cant find a fix.

If you have changed nothing and the system has been working, and
this suddenly just started happening, nothing new on your part or
that of any of your forwarding partners, please confirm that.

Almost sounds like a 2011 date bug doesn't it ... well, let's see
what you come back with first regarding my earlier questions.

Thanks, much appreciated.


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