[nos-bbs] Newmail error

ve1bf arto at ns.sympatico.ca
Fri Jan 7 19:48:57 EST 2011

I don't have the answer but have the same problem..it 
worked when I first installed the jnos but stoped shortly 
after that...73..Art ve1fyi
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  Hello All.

  I'm running JNOS2.0g on Ubuntu 10.

  I started noticing something odd a week ago and cant find a fix.

  Usually when I log into my JNOS, I was greeted with:

  "There are new messages is: bla bla bla"

  Where bla bla bla are all the 'AREA's that have new messages.

  Now my station no loger shows this message.

  I still have "newmail on" but can't get the greeting to come back.

  Anyone have a clue as to why the "New Mail in...." stopped working and
  what the fix is?



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