[nos-bbs] JNOS and Winlink interfacing -- close but stuck

Maiko Langelaar maiko at pcs.mb.ca
Sat Jan 1 01:00:14 EST 2011


I have a forward session done to my local RMS packet node once an hour,
what I have detailed below works for me 100 percent. You will have to
modify it to accomodate your connect path of course, but it's quite
simple and it does indeed work. I've been using it for months now.

My bbscall for my JNOS system is ve4klm. The callsign of the RMS packet
node is ve4pkt-10. My /jnos/spool/forward.bbs entry for the RMS node :

ax25 rms ve4pkt-10

Why all those callsigns you may ask ? Because I know all of those 
callsigns can be reached via Winlink, so each time I compose a message
on my JNOS to any of those callsigns (ie, SP VE3TOK), the next time I
run a 'mbox ki ve4pkt' or it does it on it's own, I know that message
will get forwarded to the RMS packet node and onto winlink.

If all you want is to receive messages (and this is the important part)
to your bbscall (in my case VE4KLM), then really you only need to have
a minimum forward.bbs entry that looks like this :

ax25 rms ve4pkt-10

I will never ever send a message to ve4pkt, so it will work fine. I
suppose you could put a placeholder callsign in there, like wl2k, it
would not matter since no messages are ever going to be send to that
placeholder call. Of course replace the 've4pkt' with the call of the
RMS packet node in your area, and modify your connect script part.

You might be asking, where is my own bbscall in this ? It is not
necessary, the forward.bbs is for outgoing messages only. If there
is a message waiting for me on the RMS node, it will get forwarded
to JNOS and put in my <bbscall> area. I run POP3 server on my JNOS,
so my thunderbird client grabs the message and I see it at work :)

That's how it works right now. Basically JNOS becomes your own 
personal mailbox system with the winlink email address of :


provided you registered with winlink. I Hope that makes sense.

Maiko Langelaar / VE4KLM

Happy new year (to all) !!!

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