[nos-bbs] please remind me of JNOS features asked for in the past ...

Gustavo Ponza g.ponza at tin.it
Tue Dec 20 17:34:51 EST 2011

> > implementing into JNOS2 the following commands and allowing the use
> > of dynamic host addresses along with the (actual) 'only' fixed IP
> Maybe I am misunderstanding you Gus, but you already can do this.
>   JNOS allows for dynamic host addresses and custom UDP source
>   and destination ports for any AXIP and AXUDP interfaces.

You are right, but the JNOS problem is a little misleading;
here is the situation:

# Create an AX25 KISS device
kissattach /dev/ptyq1 ipven  # (LinSV/axip side)

# Attach a pipe link to the KISS /dev/ptyq1 device (JNOS2 side)
attach asy ttyq1 - ax25 ipven 4096 256 38400
ifconfig ipven description "AX.25 link to COLSV:IR0RM LinSV"

no problem since now... but at this point it is impossible
to *re-use* the *ipven* interface name to make the following
AXUDP attach (at least, it does not work for me):

# Attach AXUDP wormhole (ipven) to ir3uhu remote system
attach axudp ipven 256 88.x.x.x - 10099 10099

Now, for a full replacement of the actual axip daemon program,
the JNOS should allow the full two-way routing between the 'asy'
and the 'axudp' interfaces.

Hope I explained the situation...


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