[nos-bbs] please remind me of JNOS features asked for in the past ...

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 15:44:53 EST 2011


>> * Web client - TNOS has this ...
> A web client (as in browser based instead of telneting) to access
> the JNOS user mailbox has been around for some time now. Are we
> talking about two totally different things ?

Not totally different - just a different presentation.  The existing
scheme does indeed provide access to JNOS via the web but it's still
just the command line interface.  (Note to self - turn on JNOS web
access...)   The TNOS version provides a true point and click Web

>>  * attach aprs-is ...     start aprsis --   APRS-IS network client
>> and server...   This should be easy...
> How is this different then the current APRS modules ?

I need also to revisit this.  It might be the same.  I'd like to
attach a local TCP aprs interface, from UI-View or Xastir for example,
and use the regular JNOS commands there.

>>  * Get rid of getcontext and setcontext.
> Ain't going to happen ! I was forced to go the ucontext way

I know and understand.  This would be a big change.

>>  * 32 bit compile on windows to move beyond the 16bit DOS world.

> Done, but a minimalistic prototype. I have a WIN32 setup you can
> get off my website, but it only runs as a mailbox (with local mail
> delivery). You can telnet to it from windows or outside. No TNC or
> other interface drivers at this time. More a proof of concept.

Maybe that's going to work.    Was that with the VC Express tools or a
commercial version?     I'd like to make use of some of the JNOS
services with a simple connection to the BPQ32 stack so the interface
drivers aren't an issue.

> I have no desire to use cygwin or mingw or whatever.

Free..   Pretty much the same as the *NIX capabilities I'm assuming.
I also don't know how much of the Windows interface that provides...
I'd love to see JNOS talking with MSAgent...

> Maiko


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