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Jay Nugent jjn at nuge.com
Sun Dec 11 19:44:53 EST 2011


On Sun, 11 Dec 2011, Raymond Quinn wrote:

>> Well, no one else has spoken up, so perhaps the broader options I was
> proposing are of no interest.
> Personally, the more options available the better. It doesn't mean that
> everyone is interested or even needs said options. There are some currently
> available that I do not use, but may in the future.
> 73 de Ray W6RAY
> w6ray at w6ray.#nca.ca.usa.noam

    Agreed.  Consider all possible/probable options, and write them into 
the code.  Each user may or may not find them usefull.  But having them 
there, allows the user to select an option that best fits his/her needs. 
Obviously, the coder (Maiko) may not even fathom a particular option - so 
maybe we all need to toss out options that should be considered.

    Michael Fox tossed out his needs - and I agree with them.  I *REALLY* 
liked his extended option to use an external mail relay host when the mail 
is addressed to "AMPR.ORG" or *not* to AMPR.ORG.  In this way we/I can 
direct all email not intended for delivery within the 44-net/AMPRnet to 
just go directly to the stated relay host (who will then perform the 
delivery).  This makes it easier to establish an Internet email gateway 
from the RF network.

    There may be times when we wish to deliver specifically selected emails 
based on the Destination or Source address, or the results of a mail 
passed through rewrite, to be handled by a select mail relay host. 
Perhaps I have a user on the network who SPAMS or otherwise misuses the 
network, I can then push his emails to a holding area on some Linux box 
for my personal inspection before passing them on to their destination.

    We can start with a few options and as folks find new "needs" for mail 
relay, they can suggst further options.   What Michael suggested is a good 
start :)

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