[nos-bbs] JNOS Wiki

George [ham] VerDuin k8rra at ameritech.net
Wed Sep 22 15:59:27 EDT 2010

The wiki is a casualty Bill.

Bill V WA7NWP wrote:
> Have we lost our wiki?  Neither URL seems to work for me.
Well here is some detail:
1) no-ip dynamic domain service began failing when I changed dynamic to 
static IP from my ISP.  I've not been able to find the issue and fix 
it.  Thus the service expired because from their vantage point it was 
idle for a long time.
2) The wiki moved from workstation tango host to headless server galley 
host, but remains served from the same LAN here.  Call it "homemade"?
3) The ubuntu workstation tango host took a dump following a software 
update prior to your question.  It is where I do host maintenance from 
-- it has the toolkit.  It remains sick today but there is progress.
4) My decision for the future is this:  move the wiki from the no-ip 
domain to (?) domain.  It could even move to another more available 
server if I find one...

After tango works again and I've shoveled all the deferred work out, 
then I'll get to restoring jnoswiki.
Sorry for the outage!

> Bill
Make sense?


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