[nos-bbs] headless version of jnos 2.0i ...

Mark Phillips g7ltt at g7ltt.com
Thu Oct 28 12:54:13 EDT 2010

Aha - I want it!!!!!!!

I use "screen" right now which works until you try and connect with a 
terminal that has other than 24x80 characters at which point screen 
spawns another JNOS instance in your session which runs in competition 
with the existing one.

Take a look on ebay folks. Alix boards capable of this trick are going 
for around $100 new!!


On 10/28/2010 12:07 AM, Maiko Langelaar wrote:
> Mark,
>> Done this ages ago with Joyage/JNOS
> Maybe I am using the term 'headless' in the wrong context.
> There is no JNOS console, period. You just run JNOS at the linux command
> prompt or in background. No curses screens or keyboard input exists. The
> only way *in* is via telnet, or ax25 connection type of thing. The curses
> library/development does not need to be installed on linux for this.
>> See http://www.g7ltt.com/jnos/
> Impressive. I saw that before. Pretty cool how you presented it.
> Maiko
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