[nos-bbs] SPAM: Re: JNOS, KPC3+, Windows XP

echicken echicken at bbs.electronicchicken.com
Tue Oct 26 08:19:51 EDT 2010

> I assume you have set permissions for your call in ftp users ?

The installer generated an ftpusers file, which contains the following:

VE3XEC myPassword c:\sbbs\radio\jnospublic 0x0405f
univperm * c:\sbbs\radio\jnospublic 8

I noticed that there is no backslash prior to the "public" part of
those paths.  I tried adding one in but it didn't help, so I took it
back out.  The path is correct otherwise; I'm not sure that I entirely
understand how this permission system works.


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