[nos-bbs] Routers and NAT

Kerry Smith n3nxo at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 28 15:43:38 EST 2010

Hello all,

This topic has been gone over many times prior and here I'm asking
the queston again.

Had a change in my network.  No longer have Multiple IP addresses
now have to run everything through one ip.  Lucky, I've got a static
ip addy that has NO filters.  This is one step to the good.

I have a Linksys Router which I started to use and have found the
following problem.  When putting JNOS on the DMZ Port, I CAN
receive the encapsulated packets, but when nos sends back out, it
will not nat the 44 ip addy.

I tried a different router, an Intellinet router.  This was a step
backwards.  The Intellinet router doesn't have the brains to pass
IP Encapsulation to the DMZ.  It just drops the packets.

I remember seeing on this list a few years back, a configuration
for a Cisco ISDN Router, 1004 version.  This router only has one
ethernet port, but the config the person listed was wild in nature
and worked!  This person used the Router as the gateway for his entire
home network and nos worked behind it well.

Does anyone have a copy of the said config for the router, or does
anyone have a work around that I can use to fix this problem?

Again, I've got Static IP, into a DSL Router (IN Bridge Mode).
This when connected to the nos box works perfect.  BUT, when I
try to add in the home network, the CHEEP consumer routers kill
me off.  The linksys router doesn't have the option for DD-WRT.


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