[nos-bbs] JNOS2 how to add applications?

Chris kc2rgw at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 12:43:25 EST 2010

Thanks for the reply...yup I juuuust found this as I am reading your reply.

Making pretty rapid headway now.

So I just need to toss in my own help files for the aliases and I
should be good to go.

mbox in my brain keeps telling me /var/spool/mail and I'm sure I'm
going to need an alias cd "area"

On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 12:06 PM, Mark Phillips <g7ltt at g7ltt.com> wrote:
> You want a "mbox alias" statement. This will make an option on the bbs line
> which when entered will execute all the things required to connect to the
> alias. A common one is "DX" which will connect folks to the local DX
> Cluster.
> As for your scrollback buffer - there aint one!
> Mark
> On 02/03/2010 11:49 AM, Chris wrote:
>> So I have a few inetd based or telnet reachable applications on the
>> jnos2 host system and will be adding more.
>> One is a QRZ call sign lookup app and the other is just a telnet link
>> to a local dx cluster.
>> I'd like to enable these as added shortcuts in the mailbox area for a
>> user.
>> How do I do this?
>> Linux 'node' has ExtCmd and Alias options in a config to define added
>> apps and a similar .hlp file structure to jnos, but I haven't found
>> how to hook/define my own app links into jnos2 so far.
>> Also, in jnos2 console, it captures the terminal, curses style, how do
>> I scroll back for things that went out of the screen visible buffer?
>> I'm in linux, and run it in an xterm generally and normal scroll back
>> keystrokes don't work.
>> And I'm unsure why, but jnos2 doesn't like to be brought up on a linux
>> box that has also had the 'native' linux ax25 running on it.  I get
>> weird latency with the generation of packets, symptom is the txdelay
>> even at 350ms can be too short, then at other times, it's too long, or
>> the txtail isn't long enough for a packet to complete at times.  So a
>> fresh reboot of the system fixes this I've found.  And yes, I'm sure
>> all the userspace soundmodem and other ax25d and similar netromd
>> processes are killed even when I have this issue.  As long as I don't
>> bring up the native linux ax25 daemons, jnos2 can be brought up and
>> down at will and work fine.
>> If anyone is having odd timing issues with jnos2, after having used
>> the built in linux processes, try a clean reboot, it works here.
>> My configuration is Ubuntu 9.10, latest compiled userspace soundmodem,
>> and a Tigertronics USB as the interface.  Also latest compiled jnos2
>> 'h' I think.
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