[nos-bbs] Update - Timer issues in JNOS

Michael Fox - N6MEF n6mef at mefox.org
Wed Aug 4 15:36:26 EDT 2010

Weekly sounds good.  Then you can report it has been up for X weeks + Y.


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> I like the idea of a week counter better than a '20 day' counter.

The bottom line is some type of counter, weekly sounds fine.

> why not just use the GNU C library provided - 'struct timeval'.

It is being used, always has been for the linux version :)

> It supplies seconds and microseconds.

No, it holds the values, which are set by a variety of other functions.

Anyways, I think enough has been posted on this, just need to decide
how I'm going to do it now. In the end, the user will not even notice
the method of how it is done - it's all going to be under the hood.


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