[nos-bbs] Interested in REPEAT packet statistics?

Barry k2mf at ptd.net
Wed Apr 14 15:18:31 EDT 2010

On Wed, 14 Apr 2010 08:39:34 -0400, "George \[ham\] VerDuin"
<k8rra at ameritech.net> wrote:

> I have no intent to present WHAT the problem is, nor how to
> address whatever the problem might be.

Oh this is fun!  A riddle.  I love riddles!

> The only issue the stats address is:
> *Does a problem with re-transmission exist during the period 
> of study.*

I answer "yes".

(Is that the correct answer?)


> Remember -- Automotive engineers gave us the idiot light, they
> didn't choose to tell us oil pressure is low.

POI (point of information) for the net... At least some cars
that were manufactured in the 1950s had oil pressure gauges.
I remember that the car my parents had (a 1953 Chrysler New
Yorker) did.

That was BEFORE automotive engineers determined we were idiots.
Once they determined we were idiots, THEN they gave us the
idiot light and chose not to give us any real or useful
information anymore.  At that point, some people started
enjoying being idiots.  Those that didn't enjoy that sort of
thing simply got used to it, and to this day, we still have
the idiot light.

> SO -- On the *single* issue of "Does a problem exist"
> Not how big is it
> Not where is it
> Not what caused it

I think I'm starting to get the picture even though my idiot
light is burned out!

> Especially not what to do about it.
> What do you say?

I say that I really enjoy riddles!


> I very much appreciate that in order to change performance
> much more detail is required about whatever causes a degrade
> in performance.

I appreciate that.

> I'll discuss the what in later email, for now just focus on
> *when*.


> How about sticking to the question I did ask and not present
> answers to questions that are not on the table?

I'll keep trying to find the correct table.  Thank you for the

> Regards
> Skip

73, de Barry, K2MF >>
k2mf at ptd.net

Einstein's definition of insanity:

"Doing the exact same thing over and over again,
expecting different results."

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