[nos-bbs] Interested in REPEAT packet statistics?

George [ham] VerDuin k8rra at ameritech.net
Sun Apr 11 21:01:09 EDT 2010

Hi Kenneth.

On 04/11/2010 02:42 PM, Kenneth C Coe Jr wrote:
> George,
> There is no such thing as "un-necessary packet duplication." Duplicate
> TCP data is ALWAYS sent for a specific reason. there are NO exceptions
> to this rule.
Do you presume the reason is always valid?
Perhaps you might choose to look closer.

> Data is not just thrown into a hole called TCP and scooped up by a
> shovel. There is a process for negotiating a connection, and for
> organizing the data being sent. There is also a process for
> acknowledging receipt of the TCP data that was sent to you.
That was a bit trite...  unbecoming a seasoned it guy.

> This information has no value whatsoever. In order to know why data is
> being re-transmitted, I need to know what happened *AFTER* it was
> transmitted each time. You are not randomly storing and re-transmitting
> packets of data. Something told the stack to do it.
Most certainly.
> Was it Collision,
a few
> Timeout,
> Re-trans Req,
a few
> or the Evil Bit?
> was it the same thing each time,
> or different?
I'd be happy to send the trace to you if you want.
Just tell me where.
In fact, I can do one better -- I can send BOTH ends of the path.

> Please diagnose the problem.
Get real please.

> Please throw away this script
I don't think so, that is a BAD idea..
Does the idiot engine light on the dash of your car tell you exactly 
what broke ?
Or does it just mean "Hey dummy, get a mechanic  to look"?

I also don't recall presenting a cause, just it's presence under VC.

> I can see a traffic being transmitted all day, but it means nothing if I
> don't see the whole conversation.
You know, if you are happy with a red TX light flashing regularly
   then you can easily get real happy.
If you want to read the stuff coming from the other end, wait till the 
clutter clears.
There *IS* a difference.

> Give us real data, and we may be able
> to give you real results...
Knock yourself out -- about 10MB per site // 20MB total.
Just let me know how you would like to receive it.
> Ken

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