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Jay Nugent jjn at nuge.com
Sun Apr 4 21:04:01 EDT 2010


On Sun, 4 Apr 2010, ve1fyi wrote:

> try coping your autoexec.nos file right to the root of your
> harddrive..that is to say c: 

   When loading nos.exe I recommend using the following:

   c:\nos\nos.exe -fc:\nos\nos.cfg

   The NOS.CFG file defines all your paths and file names, including where
to find AUTOEXEC.NOS.  If you don't already have a NOS.CFG file let me
know and I will post one here on the mailing list.

      --- Jay  WB8TKL
          o Chair, ARRL Michigan Section "Digital Radio Group" (DRG)

>   This morning i setup a dos machime for jnos,Using Maiko:s
>   installer.Now as it has no active ip address i just put in 
> It boots up but say"s autoexec.nos not found.
> And when i try to telnet into the bbs it try"s will go
> no farther.I am trying to setup a ax25 on HF with a node.Just trying to
> get it to work first HI HI.I know i have something
> incorrect.Ideas?..Wouls anyone be willing to look at my autoexec.nos?.I
> can email it not sure if i should attach something like it with general
> email"s to the list.

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