[nos-bbs] Thanks for the memories

Alan Sieg WB5RMG wb5rmg at somenet.net
Sun Nov 29 00:08:10 EST 2009

Maiko and all the others...

I have just joined this list. I've been away from it a while now.
First, I want to thank Maiko and everyone else that is helping to
carry this torch. I am so pleased to find that JNOS is still such
an active package, and has an on-going development and following.

I was introduced to JNOS in 1990, and ran a BBS in NE Tennessee for
5 or 6 years... That exposure to tcp/ip helped advance my career,
and gets considerable credit for where I am today. I wandered away
from the old JNOS-BBS mailing list, and have often wished that the
'old-style' packet might make a comeback.   I'm currently pushing
the local EmComm community towards re-activating some of the old
145.01 network, and I'm looking forward to participating in this
NOS-BBS mailing list again. This is some really good stuff ..!..

Hardly forgotten, but I've really missed this. I took the time this
weekend to catch up on some JNOS2 information, and have compiled the
latest, and have it up and active on 145.010 in N.Alabama ..!..
Of course, there is no one around to use it - but I'm working that.
I've shared some of this excitement on http://wb5rmg.wordpress.com ...

Thanks again  /;^)
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