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Dave Lamer wa8rsa at charter.net
Fri Nov 13 16:31:11 EST 2009

Hi John,

I just had the same problem. Would you let me know what "if" statement you

I looked around 40-ish line and did not see any "if" statements.


73 Dave

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Ok, got it to compile, had to rem an "if"
statement in ksubr.c I think it was line 40-ish - it now compiles on my
old 32-bit dell, and is running 4 radio ports, and one tun0....two ports
are dedicated aprs (10.151 and 144.390) running on a kam on a proper
serial port...the other kam is on a USB to serial converter adapter and
runs 15.105 and 144.97 here...I do get occasional corruption on the USB
to serial port - tried 3 different brand converters with varying
results - two were worse than the other one, hi! I am running the port
at 1200 baud now and seems to be even better - I'm not really sure, but
it looks like the corruption is triggered when it switches streams from
vhf to hf, or vice-versa. I'll be getting a two-port usb to serial
converter to add the next three radio ports, making a total of 7 ports
RF. Maiko, will the ?DX aprs feature be implemented near
future? (wink-wink)...

Color in monitor window still on my wish-list too, hi....great coding
job tho Maiko, it's been up for 4:18:26:50 with no race conditions or
mem loss/corruption, and I get to see all the tnos boxes do their daily
reboot, hah! I believe Art, ve1fyi also has his pre-compiled one
running, and all seems well with his...

Packet system is P-3 dell 32 bit 500mhz laptop 512m ram 40gig HDD
running Ubuntu Karmic Koala (is there anything else?)

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