[nos-bbs] switching on legacy pty/tty devices from the grub boot line

Bob Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Thu May 28 12:57:17 EDT 2009

They switched off the legacy pty/tty devices in the latest
linux distributions as it seems.  Mandriva 2009.1, Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty, etc.
(kernel 2.6-28 and 2.6-29)

I received an interesting note from Bernard, F6BVP this morning..

 >Hi Bob,

 >Actually I received a response from a Mandriva kernel guy only 14 
minutes after I posted the "bug" report !
 >The explanation is very interesting for I did not know the trick.
 >It is explained in the Wiki pages :

 >Other Changes
 >Legacy pty (/dev/ttyxx) are still enabled in our kernel but we now 
create none by default, to save several seconds of boot time. If you 
need some >for an obsolete application, you can add the boot parameter 
pty.legacy_count=32 (or another number depending on your needs).

This works also for Ubuntu 9.04 with kernel 2.6-28, etc  as  I tried 
this out after receiving his mail.

Just open /boot/grub/menu.lst with an editor and add pty.legacy_count = 
32  to the boot line, like below and reboot

title           Ubuntu 9.04, kernel 2.6.28-11-server
root            (hd0,0)
kernel          /vmlinuz-2.6.28-11-server root=/dev/mapper/linux-root ro 
quiet splash pty.legacy_count= 32
initrd          /initrd.img-2.6.28-11-server

So no need to recompile the kernel :=)



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