[nos-bbs] smtp client problem local mail

Gabriel Medinas gmedinas at hotmail.com
Tue May 12 08:51:08 EDT 2009

Hello all, recently have changed from the old JNOS 1.xx (DOS-19 years working!!)...to new JNOS 2.0 (LINUX), i am very glad to this new version and tnx to Maiko for his work. Now have a problem with smtp client of here when write a self message to me: yv5kxe at yv5kxe.org the smtp trace return:


smtp daemon entered, target =

rute lookup for = yv5kxe.org

local mail

smtp: unknown address yv5kxe.org 

...and the message go to mqueue folder.


before write this, I read all nos-bbs list archive to find any similar problem have checked all posibilities : domain.txt (have yv5kxe.org 0 IN A, rewrite, alias, shut off the smtp server, on again, (the problem is in the smtp client not in the smtp server), also try in the mailbox "S yv5kxe at" and go in the same way to mqueue folder.


When type in the prompt /jnos for example "telnet yv5kxe.org" is fine to resolve and entry to mbox, but think the "smtp client dont resolve this record in domain.txt file", have changed the domain.txt read permision to all, etc, etc.


Well, then i recompiled again the JNOS and run a  new install and also have the problem again, others funtions of JNOS work fine as NosAPRS, Telnet, CONV, AX25 port with radio Kantronics TNC.




Any ideas to probe here?

Thanks for help, 

73 de Gabriel YV5KXE


"I want return to ampr.net in the future"


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