[nos-bbs] No network connectivity

Bob Tenty bobtenty at gmail.com
Sun May 10 19:58:22 EDT 2009


I think it is still blocked because that interface was not there when 
you booted
linux is very restrictive for incoming stuff nowadays.

I always setup a local firewall in linux with shorewall up in my linux 
and so that the radio related interfaces are local.
shorewall is easy to setup. I can mail you the examples.

Because the linux tun0 is started from the the jnos autoexec.nos
I restart shorewall after the tunnel is setup with,

shell /sbin/shorewall restart  in the autoexec.nos



Doug Kalish wrote:
> You were right.  The current Mandriva distro blocks a lot of incoming stuff
> and I couldn't ping 109 from the lan.  But I opened up the firewall
> completely, the lan pings work now and I'm still not able to resolve
> from jnos...
> Thanks for your continued help on this, Bob.
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> Your tunnel is working otherwise you can't ping jnos from the linux side
> Is no firewall rule in linux blocking it?
> A lot of incoming stuff maybe blocked by default in the latest distros.
> Can you ping your machine at its ethernet ip  address ( from
> another machine at your lan?
> 73,
> Bob VE3TOK

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