[nos-bbs] B2F more details

George [Skip] VerDuin k8rra at ameritech.net
Sun Jun 14 14:55:34 EDT 2009

Hi Bill.

Bill V WA7NWP wrote:
> Here's what I'm seeing when attempting to forward a WL2K message.  The
> WA7NWP-10 is a my BPQ32 node that I go through to get to WL AA7ZV-10
> via a digi.
I'm sorry to see your problem with B2F.  Best I can do today is report a 
similar problem many months ago when B2F was early experimental.  My 
attempt failed for what appears to be similar reasons, and my attempt 
was on the 2m band with a local wl2k port. 

I have no access today [the port is no longer available on a regular 
basis] thus I can't try to replicate your results.  What I did do is 
[grep "proposal" | grep "B2" > file] on a bunch of historic records I 
have floating around and got the following hits:
0000  *** Error processing a B2 proposal: F> - Disconnecting (71.205.7
0040   a B2 proposal: F> - Disconnecting (' string..FQ.
B2 BBS must also accept FA and FB proposals according to ASCII and B0 
and B1
proposals used in level B2 conform to B1 rules.  ( see
and you will notice some similarity to your trace (below)...
Because my attempt was so long ago,  it probably is not worth going back 
for the whole story in detail?
Let me know if it would help for me to dig them out...
> ----
> (axu0) WA7NWP-10->WA7NWP-1
> Wien CMS via AA7ZV-10 >
> (axu0) WA7NWP-1->WA7NWP-10 RR!
> (axu0) WA7NWP-1->WA7NWP-10
> [JNOS-2.0g-B2FHIM$]
> FC EM 91_WA7NWP - - 0
> F>
> (axu0) WA7NWP-10->WA7NWP-1 RR
> (axu0) WA7NWP-10->WA7NWP-1
> *** Error processing a B2 proposal: F> - Disconnecting (
> Session End
> (axu0) WA7NWP-1->WA7NWP-10 RR!
> (axu0) WA7NWP-1->WA7NWP-10
> FBB Error: Expected 'FS ' string. Received '*** Error processing a B2 proposal:
> F> - Disconnecting (' string.
> FQ
> (axu0) WA7NWP-10->WA7NWP-1 RR
> (axu0) WA7NWP-1->WA7NWP-10 DISC!
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I'm in need of some hardware before I can try an HF link to wl2k, thus 
my attempts will be weeks away. 
I wish you the best of success.

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