[nos-bbs] Background JNOS operation

George [Skip] VerDuin k8rra at ameritech.net
Fri Feb 20 22:44:59 EST 2009

Oh my Mark...

Mark Phillips wrote:
> Screen geometry is your problem here.
> Make sure you resize your terminal window to 80x24. 
The concept makes sense, but I am feeling a bit lost here - resize what?

   1. The multi-console terminal is 25 lines -- that's the Linux
      emulation on the VGA screen.
   2. The screenrc is a bunch of termcap language [stuff I need to study
      more to remember syntax].
   3. The jnos .h files have lots of NROWS 25 spread throughout various
      modules to set terminal length.

And yes the 25th line seems sometimes missing from the console while 
operating under screen.
I set something =24 for a while months ago -- but I can't find it now 
[must have reset it];-(
So sadly - I'm not catching on to what exactly to resize?
> If you look carefully you'll find JNOS has respawned too.
I didn't catch that one except when it failed as I described earlier - 
thanks for the heads-up.
> I run my JNOS on my headless WRAP 
WRAP?  Wireless Router?
> machine in the same manner as you
> describe. It works flawlessly until I log in with the wrong terminal
> size.
> Mark
Thanks Mark for confirming that I'm not chasing an unreasonable goal.

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