[nos-bbs] anyone seen this?

George [ham] VerDuin k8rra at ameritech.net
Tue Dec 29 12:18:07 EST 2009

Hi Don.

On 12/29/2009 07:24 AM, Don Moore wrote:
> I am using a Dell P2 400 with slackware 13.0.
> When I try to start up jnos 2.0e using
Question: is
> ./jnos -c
the entire command line you use to start jnos?
page and note the number of columns is missing from the example?
This implies you want a screen width of zero or default?

Your question is interesting, so I tried:
      "...# ./jnos"
      "...# ./jnos -c80"
      "...# ./jnos -c 80"
      "...# ./jnos -c66"
      "...# ./jnos -c"
and got no "Segmentation Fault" in any of the trials.
The example of "-c 80" [with a space] did start very poorly because the 
"80" was confusing to jnos.

> I get the following message
> when the jnos window pops up and of course jnos does not start up.
> Segmentation fault
I suspect the memory fault is connected to something other than the "-c" 

> 73, Don - ve3zda
Best of luck with isolating the source of the fault.
You might employ "gdb" as a tool?


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